GED Fast Track Course: Onsego

Some time ago, I reviewed a new online GED course developed by Onsego. But I feel I should elaborate a bit more on this wonderful program because it is one of the best, most innovative, and to-the-point education courses I’ve seen in the past years.

The course is targeted toward GED® students, but it is structured in a way that high school students may benefit as well as they prepare for graduation or for the ACT or SAT college entrance assessment.

The course is not free. Since there are four GED sub-exams, you can purchase one of the four subject fields as a stand-alone course for $29, but you can also buy the so-called Onsego Advantage Plan ($79) that includes:

  • The four GED prep courses: Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science.
  • Hundreds of video lessons and thousands of sample questions.
  • Four GED Ready vouchers that can be used for the GED Ready® practice test. There is a GED Ready practice test per sub-exam, so four overall, that cost $6.99 each on the website (so a $28 value).
  • Quitting Protection Plan that will ensure you don’t quit the course prematurely.
  • Motivational course to keep you on track and boost your self-confidence.
  • Progress-tracking system so you’ll always know what you have learned and what’s next.
  • Connection with your GED Ready Score Report.
  • GED Calculator course that makes sure that even if you have no feeling for math at all, you still will be able to pass the GED Math sub-exam simply by using the only allowed calculator on the GED test (TI-30XS) effectively. The machine will do the math for you!

Immediate Full Access

Once you have purchased the Onsego course (one subject or the full course), you’ll have full access immediately to all lessons and practice tests. There is not a pre-set study plan that must be followed. You can access any lesson you want and take the practice tests as often as you wish and in any order.

This is actually an important pro of the Onsego course because each student is different, and you don’t have to complete a specific lesson first to proceed to the next lesson. Just as with Next Generation School Programs, this course is absolutely student-centered and will get you your GED fast!

The practice tests included will tell you which subject fields require most of your attention, so there’ll be no need to waste your precious study time on subject matter that you already know. This will make sure your preparation study time is used efficiently so you’ll get your GED ASAP. That’s Onsego’s Fast Track plan!

GED Ready Vouchers Included

As said before, if you purchase Onsego’s Advantage Plan ($79), you’ll also get four vouchers for the GED Ready test. This is a unique Onsego feature meant to speed up the process of getting you the GED diploma.

If you feel you’re prepared enough for one of the four GED subject tests (you can check that by taking Onsego’s free practice tests and attaining sufficient results), you can go to the website and register for the GED Ready test while using your voucher for the payment. Isn’t that a great feature?

GED Ready Practice Test

The GED Ready test is the official practice test of the GED Testing Service. It is the only assessment that will indicate if you’re all set for the real thing or if you require more preparation.

Many GED students haven’t seen a classroom from the inside for many years, and going back to school might be a daunting experience. Well, this online course doesn’t require you to go back to school. Keep in mind, however, that it might take some self-discipline to complete an online course successfully!

If you attain sufficient scores on that practice test, you can register for the real GED subtest through your account on the website If you want to take the GED exam online, you are required to first reach a passing score on the GED Ready test anyway. Otherwise, you don’t qualify for online GED testing. This does not apply to taking the test at a test center, by the way.


As one of just 20 GED prep programs, Onsego’s online GED course is recognized by GED Testing Service as being fully in line with the latest edition of the GED test. So only 20 courses may carry this predicate.

Onsego has designed a full GED prep course that covers all topics and questions found in the vast GED test database. The course is made up of several modules that contain many short video lessons.

After each lesson, there’s a small practice test, so you see if you understand what the lesson is all about, and after each module, there’s a more comprehensive practice test that measures to what extent you master the content covered in that module.

Your GED Ready Score Report

Once you have taken a GED Ready test, you can access your score report that indicates which subject fields require more prep time. The Onsego course is aligned with the GED Ready score report, and you can easily see which Onsego lessons you need to focus on. Check the Onsego website to learn how this works.

This saves you much time, again, since you’ll just have to center on things that require your attention and not on the subject matter in total. You won’t have to learn again what you already know, right? That’s Onsego’s Fast Track path to your GED!

GED Calculator

Most students consider Math to be the most challenging of the four GED sub-exams. Well, the Onsego developers have created a great course that teaches you how to tackle the GED Math sub-exam without understanding math.

You can use the Texas Instruments calculator TI-30XS on the GED exam. That’s the only permitted calculator. If you sit for the exam online, there’ll be an embedded, on-screen version, and in a test center, you can also use your hand-held device. Both versions work identically.

If you learn how to work with this amazingly powerful calculating machine, you won’t need to get math at all to attain a passing score on GED math! Isn’t that amazing? And this Onsego Calculator Course is doing exactly that: learning you how to use the calculator fast and correctly so the machine will do all the math for you!