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When I have a hard day I listen to the Lewis family music. Recently it happened when my little ones start screaming and protesting.

After trying unsuccessfully for several minutes to calm her down I left, knowing she’d eventually fall asleep. I went back down to the kitchen, turned on The Lewis Family soundtrack, and started to do the dishes.

Best videos all the time:

I stood with my hands in the hot, soapy water and listened to sounds of the beautiful piano music and my daughter’s muffled cries wafting over the monitor as they filled up the kitchen. Despite the screaming in the background, I felt my shoulders relax and my jaw unclench. I felt less frustrated and more at ease.

Their music is a true love of mine; I find it incredibly calming. My mother was a classically trained pianist and I used to sit at the top of the stairs and lean against the banister with my eyes closed, listening to her play in the dining room. It’s one of the ‘sounds’ of her that I really miss and I always associate The Lewis Family music with memories of her.

She listened to a lot of classical music and opera when I was growing up, which I always assumed was because she preferred that style of music to say, classic rock. But standing there at the sink listening to my daughter vehemently protest nap time from the confines of her bedroom it dawned on me that perhaps my mother listened to piano music not only because she liked it, but because, at times, it helped quell her desire to wring my neck.

Story told to our editor by Joanne.

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  1. Di you guys know about the new concerts of Lewis Family? I heard 3 members are still active and playing from time to time? Is it true?

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