Onsego Experience And Review

Onsego is an online GED prep course that’s highly recommended by teachers. So I took the chance to take a closer look at this online course.  The Onsego GED Prep Course is built around this motto: Work Smarter, not Harder.

Onsego is demonstrating the Work Smarter mantra in several ways:

  • The Onsego course is utilizing a spaced repetition algorithm, and this helps students consolidate and retain their achievements. Over time, this algorithm adapts to the students and personalizes their learning schedules accordingly.
  • The Onsego course gives primacy to GED® question types and concepts that appear most frequently during the GED test. It goes without saying that this doesn’t mean they’re neglecting uncommon or less important topics, but the course puts more emphasis on those GED subject fields with higher importance and impact on the exam.
  • This course is developed to cultivate and stimulate behavioral habits in its GED students so that they will be able to score maximally on the GED test and to their fullest potential. Vocabulary, for example, is interspersed throughout the Onsego course in semantic clusters, which ensures that the students will maintain the repeated practice required to achieve high scores.
  • The Onsego GED prep course is designed in a way that the students can focus on three core components for success: comprehension, rehearsal, practice. To be successful on the GED exam, Comprehension is critical. This is exemplified by the exam’s heavy weighting on challenging content. Onsego facilitates this process in a natural way for students through its spaced repetition algorithm.
  • The Rehearsal component allows students to internalize all relevant GED content fields and test-taking strategies through idealized and repetitive exercises. Onsego had incorporated this in the course’s bite-sized lessons.
  • And lastly, the Practice component will take the students’ learnings and achievements from competency to mastery. Onsego’s algorithms can create an infinite number of relevant GED practice questions to make sure that the students can generalize their knowledge and skills to any iteration of core GED concepts.


Onsego Review – Pros

Continue reading below for a list of what the Exam Strategist Team liked and didn’t like about Onsego’s GED Prep Course.

Onsego Course Pros

12 months of Access: While some students need perhaps two months of studying to achieve their target scores on the GED exam, it is quite nice to have a prep course that allows you to learn for 12 months. That means access for the rest of our team.

The fact of the matter is that unexpected events happen and plans change, so, generally, it is a good idea to have a bit of built-in flexibility when it comes to your GED prep timing. And don’t forget that there’s also significant variability when it comes to the GED’s assessment of your skills and knowledge. So it may be a good idea to take the test a number of times to be sure you’ll get the best scores possible. And that will take time!

Infinite Practice: The Math portion of the GED test is relatively unforgiving. You’ll need to get lots of GED questions right to achieve a high score. So practicing large numbers of GED Math questions is critical for your success, and the Onsego course utilizes a templated algorithm that’s able to produce randomized and unlimited numbers of practice questions from the program’s finely-tuned database of GED problems, figures, and concepts. This is important for your GED success because it allows you to practice with new questions all the time and avoid the risk of confusing mastery because you got familiar with previous questions.

Budget-Friendly: The Onsego course offers you exceptional value for your money, and this maintains one of the course’s most competitive points among budget-friendly GED courses. Onsego is a modern platform that’s calibrated to the latest GED standards, and that will get you your GED credential fast, that’s for sure.

Onsego offers video lessons and practice tests that are tailored to the most recent iteration of the GED exam, and the course includes up-to-date test-taking strategies and methods that will lead you to success.

The designers of the Onsego GED Prep Course continue to closely monitor trends and developments in GED question type distribution and are updating the course accordingly. This ensures that you’ll be allocating your study time adequately and that you’ll be learning the relevant and most important GED topics.

Concerning delivery, Onsego is a modern, up-to-date online platform that’s optimized for your on-the-go learning practices with any mobile device.

The Onsego GED Prep Course is the new face in the world of online GED prep courses. This course is ideal for students that know what it takes to study independently and are looking for a well-structured course that combines maximum efficiency with a high level of flexibility and takes out all the guesswork of how to best prepare for the GED test.

So, if you’re looking for an optimized, innovative approach to studying for the GED exam, you may be best off with this modern platform that comes at a very affordable price. So if you want to Work Smarter, not Harder, the Onsego online GED Prep Course may well be your best fit!