Time Out With Gospel Artist Mark St. John Carson

Mark St. John Carson is one of the area’s most gifted worship leaders. Going Around The World, one of his CDs of the past decade continues to showcase what those in the D.C. area already know – Carson is on his way to becoming one of the genre’s finest music ministers.

Nationally, the gospel community is obviously starting to notice this artist as his project just shot to the #19 spot from #35 on the Billboard Top Gospel chart – coming in as the Greatest Gainer For The Week.

When asked about the impetus for the project’s title, Carson says the sole mission of this new musical offering is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

“The goal of this entire project is to take the worship into every nation, to do it internationally. That premise sets the tone for the whole album. Anyone who sees the album cover will be able to pick up that concept”.

“I Will Say Thank You”, the first single that’s been burning up the airwaves is a song close to Carson’s heart. It’s just one of the many worship tracks that the artist has included in this project. “One of the formats that I’ve followed over the years is that at the end of each record, I’ve provided a series of worship songs,” states Carson.

“Regardless of how I catch your attention at the beginning of the record, I’m always going to take you to a place where you’ll end up in worship. Although I may start out with more urban or contemporary songs, at the end, the listener will be worshipping God.”

The Maryland resident not only is a recording artist, songwriter, and musician, but he’s a pastor as well. Refuge Living Sanctuary in Bladensburg, Maryland, is now 5 years old and Carson says it’s a blessed fellowship. He counts it a joy to serve as Pastor. “We’re growing by leaps and bounds. It’s amazing to me. It’s just an honor and a privilege to shepherd God’s people through the gospel.”

Although initially, Carson aspired to sing music in the mainstream market, he found out that God had a different plan for his life. “In high school, I had all sorts of goals to sing secular music. I put out all kinds of demos.

But then God got a hold of me and told me that wasn’t it,” says Carson. He admits to struggling in letting those dreams go, but it’s a decision he’s never regretted. “I made a decision to just go with God,” says Carson, “and ever since then, there’s been an evolution.

Initially, I emulated different groups like Commissioned, Fred Hammond, The Winans, but I have found my calling; I am a worshipper. I am called to bring people to God. At every concert or platform that the Lord has given me, I will not abandon my call or try to be something else. What I am is a worshipper”. Read here how Gospel Music started.